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I am a Warwickshire based Fine Art photographer with a lifelong interest in Art & Design and a passion for photography, I like to look for the unusual and unexpected around me and photograph the mundane that would ordinarily go unnoticed.


Following many years as an amateur photographer and a career in the charity sector, I decided to take a change of direction and use my artistic skills to help others.  I currently work as an event photographer for a local hospice photographing fundraising events and also with author Stephen Moore producing photographs for his book The Undoing of Polly Button and, following the publication of the book, photographing promotional book signings and events.


I also offer photography tuition for beginners on a one to one basis or for small groups.


Following a distinction in HND photography, I graduated from Coventry University with a first class degree in Visual Media.  Studying other aspects of Art& Design has helped to improve my photography and changed the way I see the world.  For example, life drawing forces you to slow down and really explore the subject, studying where the light is falling and seeing the shadows shape the contours of the body is almost a meditative experience for me.


I love to resurrect vintage film cameras and give them a new lease of life, and enjoy experimenting with historic techniques, but also embrace new technology, digital photography and photo retouching.  Although the digital darkroom has replaced trays of chemicals for many photographers, I find that traditional and digital techniques both have their place in creative photography.


I hope you enjoy my work, anything you would like to ask please get in touch.







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